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álvaro martínez león is interested in the sound that surrounds us, whether it is produced by humans or by the rest of the universe. sound studies and cognitive sciences are the main sources of inspiration for his work. this approach is developed in instrumental and electronic music, musical theatre, radio art and performance art.

He begun his professional career in 1996 in world music milieu of Madrid, and moved to Paris in 2004 to focus in composition. Among others, he studied with Philippe Leroux, Guillaume Connessons and Mario Mary. He has received musical advice from Salvatore Sciarrino, Brian Ferneyhough, Alberto Posadas and Luis de Pablo, and has been an assistant of conductor Arturo Tamayo (Luxemburg Orchestra, National orchestra of Spain, RTVE Orch. and Radio Frankfurt Orch.), with whom he studied contemporary music conducting in Lugano.

He was invited by the Palais de Tokyo (Paris) to show his work on field recording and soundscape, as well as to Marrakech biennale of contemporary art. His works have been premiered by (among others) ensembles L’Itinéraire, Cairn, Vocaal Lab, string quartet Béla in France and Europe, as well as in America.
In 2009 he cofounded the artists collective Trafic, conceiving and producing contemporary music concerts, multidisciplinary shows, performances and happenings. In collaboration with composer Elsa Biston, he created "Playlist – Montreuil" (2013-2016) a participative project going on in different neighbourhoods in Montreuil (Paris) - focused in contemporary music, traditional music and radio art. Within the same collective and the same neighborhoods, both composers are currently working in et "Orfeo Pratique" (2019-20), a film freely inspired from Monteverdi's opera. See more at Trafic

His most recent and most notable projects are Souvenirs, fictions a Création Mondiale commission (France Musiques, ensemble Soundinitiative) and two pieces of musical theatre that he wrote and directed: Ecoutez ce Fa and L'Aimée. Spring 2023 saw the release of Rollin for choir in movement (commissioned by ACJ Pays de Loire) and Lux Aeterna for choir and chamber orchestra (commissioned by the Plantagent choir). Alvaro is currently working on Magnificat for the same group, which will be released in April 2024.
In addition, he is working with performer Lola Rubio on Santos Inocentes on a stage duo inspired by cabaret - combining folklore, experimental music and performance art.


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